2015 Spring Semester Exchange Program at Providence University

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Application deadline (at PU)  is Dec. 1st (Monday).

Spring term 2015 will begin on 1 Feb. 2015 to 31 July. 2015, lasting for 18 weeks.

Simply follow the below three steps.

1. Nomination e-mail from your sideā€§

2. Register online: http://alcat.pu.edu.tw/oia_incoming/index.php

  (Please select Exchange Program)

3. Submit required documents to International Office Soegijapranata Catholic University at the latest on November 24th.


A list of required documents: http://www.oia.pu.edu.tw/ehtml/c02.php

NEW!  New Policies

1)      From Spring 2014, all students are required to pay $295NT (around 10USD) upon arrival for accidental insurance. Medical insurance, if deemed necessary, please purchase before arriving Taiwan and ensure it is applicable in Taiwan.

2)      One copy of a health certificate from a hospital dated within 3 months prior to the date of application.

          (1) Exchange for one semester, please include HIV test, proof of positive rubella antibody titers or rubella vaccination certificates, and examination result of Chest X-Ray (or a Tuberculosis blood test).

          (2) Exchange for one year (two semesters), please include required items in the following link.


NEW!  Academic Options

Exchange students have following two options for course arrangement.

Option 1:

1. Chinese language course for 10 hours per week (10 credits)

2. Regular courses for 11 credits

    1) English taught courses http://www.oia.pu.edu.tw/ehtml/b02.php

    2) Japanese taught courses: http://www.oia.pu.edu.tw/ehtml/b02.php

    3) Chinese language courses information:http://www.clec.pu.edu.tw/default.aspx

    4) Search engine for other courses: http://alcat.pu.edu.tw/2011courseAbstract/main.php?lang=en

Option 2:

       1. Chinese language courses for 20 hours per week (20 credits)

       2. Cultural courses for 3 hours per week (3 credits)


      1. Transcripts will be provided for both options.

      2. For non-exchange students, only option 2 is available. The tuition is USD $1,800.


For exchange students, we offer 10 hours of Chinese language courses per week with 10 credits for FREE. And you could also choose other 3 to 4 academic courses. Mainly, our English taught courses will be related to business or computer information. Sometimes, there will be also those for tourism and geography. For English course list, please see http://www.oia.pu.edu.tw/ehtml/b02.php  (you could see course list for Spring 2014 for reference first). We have English Dept. as well, yet most English taught courses in English Dept. will be literature related.If your students have one or two specific courses that you must complete for graduation, please let me know in advance.


For further information about exchange program (e.g accommodation and application procedures etc) or general information about life in Taichung, you may refer your students to visit http://www.oia.pu.edu.tw/ehtml/eindex.php

Providence University

For information about Providence University, please consult http://www.pu.edu.tw/english/


For more information, you can contact:

International Office

2nd Floor Mikael Building

Soegijapranata Catholic University

Jl. Pawiyatan Luhur IV/1 Bendan Dhuwur, Semarang

Ph               : +6224-8441555 ext 1435

Email         : io@unika.ac.id

Website   : http://www.io.unika.ac.id

Facebook: IO Soegijapranata


sources: Mia Ma (International Office Providence University)