2nd Asian Student Encounter Camp (ASEC) 2015: A Gate to the Global Challenge

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On March 3 – 6, 2015 five (5) delegations of Soegijapranata Catholic University were honored to join The 2nd Asian Student Encounter Camp (ASEC). ASEC is an annual program that is initated by three universities of Soegijapranata Catholic University (SCU), Indonesia, Miriam College, Philippines and De La Salle Unviersity- Dasmariñas (DLSUD), which concern to the development of the society and environment. The 2nd ASEC was organized by De La Salle University-Dasmariñas (DLSUD), Philippine, as the continuing program of the 1st ASEC, which was organized by SCU in 2013. The theme of this year was “Cultivating Volunteerism in a Globalized Society towards ASEAN Integration 2015”. This year, there were 4 universities and total of 26 students who joining the program; they were DLSUD (6 delegations), Miriam College (5 delegations), Widya Mandala Catholic University (10 delegations) and Soegijapranata Catholic University (5 delegations). The representatives from Soegijapranata Catholic University were Ong, Cindy Corazon (Food Technology 2013), Yohanes Kristo SU (Food Technology 2013), Agatha Putri Algustie (Food Technology 2013), Amelia Felda Antani (Architecture 2013), Yohanes Herry (Architecture 2013) and Ms. Ivone Fernandez, the lecturer of Faculty of Agricultural Technology, as the supervisor.

The first day of the Camp were started with opening ceremony then continued with campus tour which took so much time because DLSUD has a-27 Ha-wide area with a lot of glorious buildings and beautiful landscape. After that the participants had brief information about ASEAN integration and what’s the impact toward youth from the two lectures. The first day meeting was closed with a fellowship night to create togetherness and bind relation among all Philippine and Indonesian delegates.

ASECThe second day meeting was started with the introduction of the 2nd ASEC’s theme about integrity as the main key to be a good leader and how to cultivate volunteerism spirit. And, as the real action of the 2nd ASEC, all the participants were driven to an area to do the community service. The activity was about making “solar bottle bulb” to solve the problem of electricity in marginal area of Philippine.

The next day, all of the participants were taken to have a-day tour around Manila City. Participants were given a chance to visit national museum, Intramuros and Mall of Asia. In Mall of Asia, participants visited Kultura shop to buy souvenirs. Then continue to Tagaytay which is placed in highland that shows the beautiful scenery of the Philippines.

On the last day of the Camp, participants were obliged to present the result of the group discussion to answer the question about : (1) What is the meaning of Asean integration for Philippino and Indonesian? (2) How to cultivate volunteerism among Asean youth? (3) How to prepare to face Asean integration? Last but not least, the all participants were gathered to have cultural performance. To close the 2nd ASEC 2015, all delegates were given certificate and framed the all moments by capturing togetherness with joyful heart.

Yohanes Kristo deeply captured “ that the benefit of joining this event is we get network. Since we are going to be united as ASEAN, we need to have network on international level to prepare the challenges that will come up. We got great experience to meet new people, visit new area and open our mind to the issues related to our country. We have passed through many activities in ASEC 2015. We collaborated each other in the preparation stage, had a lot of chit-chat until we had to sleep so late, took a tour together, got panic together, and so many things happened that make it always be remembered. ASEC has opened our gate to think more globally about Asian Integration issues. We are stimulated to extend our vision and mind so that we know how to face ASEAN integration 2015. You know that the integration of all Southeast Asia Nations become the challenge but also an opportunity for us to be creative in making movements. Not only goods will be distributed with no tax, but also all services. Thus, if ASEAN Integration is happened, we will have a bigger chance to work outside our country. The most interesting part of this event is when we were doing the first day’s fellowship night. We have a lot of fun games and we felt that we are in one family. The most sadness thing that when we had to be separated after our event was ended. We know that we have to go back to our campus after all we’ve been through. We promise we will meet again someday. Just a message for you guys, this kind of event is so scarce. When this opportunity comes to you, please immediately chase that. There will be no second chance. And there will be no disadvantages after you guys join it. We can guarantee that!”


Written by           : Yohanes Kristo SU (Student of Faculty of Agricultural Technology 2013)

Edited by             : International Office – SCU

Photo’s source : Crisostomo Julio Romano – Student of DLSUD, Philippines https://www.facebook.com/rainbow.i.eternity

                                  Grace Cella Rebuelta-Mejia – Lecturer of DLSUD, Philippines https://www.facebook.com/gracecella.rebueltamejia?fref=nf&pnref=story