2016 Wenzao Chinese Summer School

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A 3-week Unique Cultural and Language Learning Experience in Taiwan

July 3-23, 2016

Since 2008, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages has hosted consecutive Chinese summer programs for foreign faculty members and students from our sister schools. Over the past few years, more than 400 international students and faculty members from more than 30 universities worldwide have come to Taiwan for the first time in their life to learn Chinese and to be exposed to Taiwanese Culture. The countries have included France, Korea, Japan, UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, USA, Panama, Thailand and Mozambique, etc. Participants all have had great and unforgettable experience from this program. Besides making new friends from all over the world, they have learned Chinese language, enjoyed the hospitality of local Wenzao students and Taiwanese and grown to love the extraordinary and unique culture and history of Taiwan.


Chinese Language Class

The program consists of 36 hours of intensive Mandarin classes at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Classes are scheduled in the afternoon and focused on daily-life application and communication. Our well-equipped Center of Chinese Language (CCL) and the outstanding language teaching resource ensure quality instructions. Upon successful completion of the program (ex. no more than 3 absences from classes), participants will receive a certificate from Center of Chinese Language. Please visit the website of our Center of Chinese Language at http://c040.wzu.edu.tw/front/bin/ptlist.phtml?Category=24 for more information. To intensify the learning experience, oral tutoring sessions are to be provided by our Chinese language teaching student interns from Department of Applied Chinese at Wenzao. Through the tutoring sessions, students are encouraged to practice what they have learned at CCL during the Mandarin classes or they can request thematic discussion of their interest.

Cultural Classes & Fieldtrip

International participants will not only study the Chinese language but also be exposed to various kinds of cultural classes such as calligraphy, tea arts, Chinese music and drama, traditional craft, Tai Chi, Chan meditation and so forth to further introduce the diverse and multi-faceted Taiwanese culture. Integration of art and folk customs in the program provides hands-on experience on Chinese cultural activities and let students have a profound understanding about Chinese culture. In addition, field trips to aboriginal tribes and other places rich in Chinese culture associations in Taiwan will also be included in the program. These cultural classes and field trips will allow participants to fully explore the Taiwan culture and history in depth and gain genuine and memorable Taiwan experience.

Final Learning Performance

To demonstrate the learning result, each international participant is to give a final learning performance. The presentation form is not strictly regulated and is subject to discussion with Mandarin class instructors or can be collaboration between the international participants and local Wenzao students. Be creative and enjoy the learning process!



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